Our experienced team seeks to help multi-tasking plan fiduciaries reduce the risk and headaches of running their 401(k)s while also trying to save them time and money.

The goal is a SIMPLER, SAFER and more COST EFFECTIVE plan.  We believe that our easy to use system provides plan sponsors with all the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Retirement plan administration is involved, and laden with compliance burdens.  For many employers, the level of self-education and the commitment of time and energy required to effectively administer a retirement plan is overwhelming. Too often this can distract them from the more critical responsibility of running the business.

Our goal is to work with executives and companies who believe in what we believe in - putting the needs of the participants first.

The byproduct of focusing on the participants is that the plan sponsor, and us as your advisor, are fulfilling our roles as plan fiduciaries.  We view doing what is in the participants best interest as a win, win, win (for the plan participants, for the plan sponsor and for us).



Make sure to click on (Waves of the Future) - at the top of this home page - to get an overview of Fiduciary Outsourcing and MEPs.  

In particular, if you are a bank, check out the information regarding the Banking MEP (Multiple Employer Defined Contribution Plan for Financial Institutions), which includes over 700 U.S. domiciled banks.  This MEP is endorsed by the ABA (American Banking Association). 

These banks have combined their 401(k) plan assets to acheive "Volume Discounts" to help reduce the costs of their 401(k) plans - which greatly helps ALL their participants.  You have probably heard the often quoted "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money".  Well, our NEW quote is:



This is OUR MANTRA!  

Urban legend has it that Albert Einstein once said "Compounding interest is the most powerful force in the universe".  

Doing the actual MATH confirms compounding just 0.2% less in return - solely due to (fees, expenses, costs, commissions, allowance, charges ... or whatever the industry has chosen to call them) over time can greatly hurt the accounts of your employees - and your accounts.  These small but not insignificant costs matter. Click on the RESOURCES at the top of this page and choose CALCULATORS then click on the SAVINGS ACCUMULATION calculator to see the impact this can have on "Your Retirement Nest Egg".

In addition, a major benefit of joining or starting a MEP, is the fiduciary outsourcing - which is automatically an integral part of most standard MEPs.  So you get both of these great ideas!

Other industries or associations can join, OR START, their own MEP.  Ask us how to join a current MEP or start you own!